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Founded in the year 2013, GDF Athletic Club is a Limited Liability Company, conveniently located in St. Joseph Village, San Fernando. 

Approximately two (2) minutes off the San Fernando Bypass.
The concept of a secure outdoor training facility was brought to life because of a passion for transforming lives through sweat, dedication and commitment.

Our trainers have over ten (10) years of experience and are certified in the various fields of fitness and wellbeing.


“To provide pioneering Instructional Fitness services that consistently comply with customer requirements, industry standards as well as relevant statutory and regulatory requirements. 

Embracing technology and innovation"


GDF Athletic Club's vision is to establish a thriving community hub that goes beyond traditional fitness by providing unparalleled outdoor experiences. Our vision emphasises innovation in outdoor fitness, holistic wellness in a natural setting, and a commitment to environmental stewardship. The club aspires to be inclusive and accessible to individuals of all backgrounds, fostering a supportive and diverse community. The ultimate goal is to be recognised not only for exceptional fitness programs but also for positive contributions to the community and the environment, making a lasting impact on well-being and outdoor fitness experiences.


To consistently utilize, safe for use and fit for purpose techniques and evidenced based strategies from accredited sources and certified by the International Sports Conditioning Association.

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