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Here at GDF the focus for improved physical fitness is not exclusively on adults. Physical activity has been proven to positively impact children as well. Stronger muscles, bones, enhanced flexibility and improved cardiovascular fitness, are just a few of the many positives of child physical activities. However, one of the most beneficial of the set is the improvement of motor skills.



This can be broken down into two main types, they are: gross and fine motor skills. The former is linked to movement and coordination in large body parts such as the legs. The latter involves movement in smaller parts of the body such as the hands, wrist, feet and toes.

Apart from just benefitting in the physicality aspect aerobic exercises have been shown to greatly increase activity in the brain. Research suggests vital connections to the brain are developed leading to increased cognitive performance. This in return would make learning topics in the school environment more intelligible for the child. The overall concentration and focus of the child would be boosted immensely, as a domino effect would result in not only a physically fit child, but a more productive one at that. Their fullest potential would be achieved and the space for further growth would be exponential. GDF has developed a multitude of activities that involve aerobic endurance and movement management in cooperation with activities that strengthen the child’s bones and muscles; these subsequently develop or rehabilitate various muscle groups. Our programs are tailored for children to lay a strong foundation of physical fitness and just have a happier healthier life.

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