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We are all faced with busy schedules and hectic life styles; consequently, our quickest meal is often fast food options. To top things off the constant stress that life brings can make becoming healthy and fit discouraging. Let’s face it: over the years there has been a drastic increase in people who suffer with health and physical issues which can be associated with poor fitness and nutrition.

Research shows that if muscles are unhealthy then your entire body is negatively affected, the adverse is fortunately also true. By teaching individuals accurate movement patterns there will be an increase in strength, body composition, physique changes, and performance enhancement occur and subsequently overall health. Without strategically implementing proper movement patterns, only increasing the volume of exercise will serve to emphasize muscular dysfunction, and directly lead to “unhealthy” skeletal muscle, which is instrument in elicit chronic inflammation. Learn how GDF Athletic Club can help you achieve your best results and health.  

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