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As often as six days per week.

Our clients can experience the utmost individualized care and attention in attaining their fitness goals.

Clients’ goals are assessed, and workout programs are created along with detailed but realistic meal plans which one can easily adapt to as a lifestyle change while enjoying some of the foods they enjoy whilst crushing all your fitness goals both long term and short term.

Our meal plans are calculated with realistic goals. Our clients are also equipped with heart rate monitors.These use wireless and cloud technology to accurately and conveniently monitor physical activity. They monitor your heart rate, calories and time exercising. These monitors do not measure speed, cadence, or weight lifted, it measures the effort put in.

This levels the playing field so that beginner effort can be comparable with the effort exerted by elite athletes. 

Our Personal clients are also given a deep tissue massage once every two months as part of their package by our highly trained masseuse.

As a member of GDF, Clients will become part of the GDF community; this means access to our database to track your progress at any given time. You can communicate with any of our trainers and members and you are provided updates on upcoming promotions, events, etc.


Additionally, upon registration our clients are provided with a GDF Tee as part of your package.

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