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Being an athlete means there are more strenuous situations the body is required to adapt to. One of the keys to athletic performance would be enhancement of the central nervous system as it’s involved in every aspect of performance. 
Improving an individual’s central nervous system function would mean an improvement in strength, speed, mobility, aerobic and anaerobic endurance just to name a few of the many benefits.

Our athlete training programs are geared towards enhancing performance, energy systems, nervous system functioning and structural integrity. Immediately improve performance, by specifically targeting the nervous system function; this subsequently improves structural integrity and energy system development. Even a genetically gifted athlete with incredible power, speed, and torque will be limited by, an inefficient central nervous system (CNS). Improving the central nervous system function means improved speed, strength, mobility, anaerobic endurance, agility, stability, aerobic endurance, and balance.  

Consistent quality training complimented by nutritional programs designed by GDF, athletes will subsequently see steady improvement in firing patterns, more complex movements and finally recruitment patterns become second nature. Improved efficiency in movement patterns allows for advanced speed, power and explosiveness.

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