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Athletes, aging individuals and trauma patients all experience joint deterioration and consequently joint pain; usually resulting from improperly functioning muscles. Some injuries may be unavoidable based on the sport, even with the advancements in research made; however, many injuries can be prevented if the athlete’s body is functioning properly.

According to research appropriate muscle function not only avoids joint and tissue injuries but it can also facilitate individuals with even the most severe pain and injuries (including tears, osteoarthritis and joint degeneration) to avoid surgery and eliminate most if not all associated symptoms (pain, swelling, inflammation, incapacitate, debilitation, and further injury).  Although many injuries may never fully repair particularly if extensive surgery and procedures are not administered, these injuries and inflammatory-related issues can be overcome and essentially inconsequential as long as surrounding musculature are performing their roles.

Contact us at GDF Athletic for your private consultation and begin the process of natural healing and movement restoration.

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